Mamta Malhotra

Mamta Malhotra

Mamta lives and works in Varanasi and San Francisco.She has designed residences, art galleries, art residencies, and boutiques, and has undertaken numerous interior and landscape design projects. Dividing time between the oldest living city and some of the youngest modern cities has shaped her unique perception and sense of history and culture. Simplicity, harmony and integration with nature, and relevance to our cultural identity and heritage are the trademarks of her work. Her concern for respecting and protecting our environment and retaining our rich cultural identity finds expression in her artistic voice.
An artist’s soul trapped in an architect’s body, Mamta finds freedom by surrendering to the creative flow of art. She enjoys exploring the interplay of line, colour, form and texture through urban landscapes, figurative and abstract studies, and playing with oil paint, acrylic and mixed media. She has juxtaposed Sanskrit shlokas that are rooted in the city she paints, along with the architectural idiom to create a new visual vocabulary.
Her true inspiration is drawn from the city of Varanasi, a conglomeration of texture and colour. The contrast of the urban fabric, a rich culture, and a timeless way of life rooted in nature,  have inspired her to paint cityscapes highlighting the ephemeral beauty and fragility of Varanasi while evoking the intense vitality of an ancient and vibrant lifestyle.

Event Details:
Venue: Open Palm Court Gallery. Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
Date: December 19th to 22nd, 2023, from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm daily.

Mamta Malhotra – Artist Profile

Mamta Malhotra, born in the vibrant city of Mumbai, is an accomplished artist whose creative journey has been influenced by her rich upbringing amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Kashmir, Poona, Gangtok, and Bhutan. Growing up in a family where artistic expression was celebrated, Mamta was inspired by her father, an adept army engineer with a penchant for drawing and painting. This early exposure to the world of art laid the foundation for her artistic endeavors.

Education and Early Influences

Immersed in the picturesque city of Chandigarh, Mamta pursued her degree in Architecture, where she absorbed the profound design influences of the Corbusier-designed Chandigarh College of Architecture, ultimately graduating with a prestigious silver medal. Her artistic pursuits expanded in Delhi, where she honed her skills in painting and sculpture under the tutelage of renowned artists such as Rameshwar Broota, Shobha Broota, and Pradip Saxena at the Triveni Kala Sangam.

Unique Artistic Vision

Currently based in both Varanasi and San Francisco, Mamta’s artistic perspective is shaped by the amalgamation of experiences from these diverse cultural landscapes. Her work is characterized by a profound sense of simplicity, harmony, and integration with nature, reflecting her deep-rooted concern for the environment and cultural preservation. Mamta’s unique artistic identity blends her architectural insights with a passionate exploration of the interplay of line, color, form, and texture, often employing oil paint, acrylic, and mixed media to evoke emotional depth and narrative complexity.

The Inspiration of Varanasi

The city of Varanasi holds a special place in Mamta’s heart, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for her artistic endeavors. Through her art, she captures the ephemeral beauty and fragility of Varanasi, juxtaposing the city’s vibrant urban fabric with its rich cultural tapestry and timeless connection to nature.

Recognition and Exhibitions

Mamta Malhotra’s artistic prowess has garnered international recognition, with her works featured in esteemed publications such as a New York Times bestseller coffee table book, the HarperCollins catalogue, and Architecture Week magazine. Her critically acclaimed exhibitions at prestigious galleries including the Visual Arts Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, and the Art Laureate Gallery have cemented her reputation as a noteworthy artist. Her artwork adorns the interiors of distinguished homes in India, Dubai, France, and the United States.

Upcoming Solo Exhibition

An eagerly awaited solo exhibition is scheduled at the Open Palm Court, Habitat Centre, New Delhi, from 19th December 2023 to 22nd December 2023. Mamta’s art promises to imbue viewers with a sense of joy, energy, and a shared pursuit of beauty, perfection, and optimism.